Thursday, May 24, 2007

Scraplift Mix & Match Challenge

Here's a fun new way to do scraplifts.... it's a MIX AND MATCH!! I'm going to give you three layouts and you pick at least one element in each layout to lift... then you create your own! Please tell me which element you chose from each LO! Thanks for participating and lets see some creations ladies!! You have two weeks to complete this challenge started today goes until June 7th! Thanks ladies for letting me use your LO creations for this challenge!

First LO is done by CroppingCorry at :

Second LO is done by Pearl at :

Third LO is done by me:


Maisymary's Findings said...

wow this is a neat challenge on the scraplifting twist ! i never thought to scraplift so many layouts into one ! I have been doing loads of scraplifting this past week ! good exercise in trying out new stuff ! lol

I just scraplifted Elsie Flannigan using her Roxie Collection ! will post later !

Anonymous said...

I am all over this, there is one thing I totally love and thats challenges.
What amazing pages, cannot wait to get started so getting off comp to do it now.
Thanks for the invite

Jolene said...

This sounds like the Generations scraplift that Kris ran at JADS. Should be fun!

amber daNeLL said... challenge! Awesome LO's ladies too! Maisy Mary, can't wait to see your Roxie scraplift!!!!! I can't wait to get my hands on that Elsie stuff!