Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Clickable Links in your Text Tutorial

I've been asked about how I make some of my words in my text linkable. Well it's really quite easy to do this. I've decided to do this small tutorial for those who want to know how to do this.

Photo #1: Click on NEW POST and this is what your next screen will look like.
Photo #2: Type your text or words you want to say. Now highlight the words you want to have linkable. Just like I show you in the photo. And then click on that little green round ball with a chain link.
Photo #3: Your screen will look like this now. You will need to the url address to place here. So go get that to place in the box like shown. Click ok.

Photo #4: In this photo your text will look like this once you've linked up. And you can continue to type out your texts. OR if you want you can highlight those same words and change their color.
Now you know how to make clickable links in your text.


Anonymous said...

`Wow` Thanks for sharing that with us DAWN...I will have a go next time I post!!!seems so much easier when you can see how it`s done in photo formTFS;0
Love your new Background your blog looks great.....
I tried to change my existing Header but did it all wrong:( and nearly deleted my whole blog by mistake!!!ooops..will keep trying tho!!!
Enjoy your Thursday:)~X~

Fink said...

I have a hard time doing it in someone else's blog! Thanks for the information!

Tricia said...

thank you for this information!

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