Monday, August 27, 2007

Our Filly with her first saddle on!

Yesterday we took the kids horseback riding but our silly mare didn't want to be rode. She spooked at every little thing. Wouldn't do what you wanted her to do. She had never been this bad about being rode. She was just plain bull headed. After we came back home my hubby and dd decided to try to put a saddle on our filly who is only year and two months old. My hubby was very delighted that she gave him no problems. He said she acted like it didn't even bother her to have it on. She just stood there. 'Shadow' is our filly's name she walked around with that saddle on her for 30 minutes. Until we took it off her. My ds rode on her back with the saddle for almost 5 mins. No problem there either.
My dd back a month ago started leading 'Shadow' around with a lead rope. Now she just love it. My dd even ties her to a tree with absolutely no problems. We are going to have a nice time breaking her in. And hopefully we will not have problems like we do with her mama! Keeping our fingers crossed! TFL!

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TessaAnnWatte said...

That's wonderful!
Shadow is growing into such a beautiful horse!
Is Liz going to do 4-H? That would be awesome for her!
Congrats on such a great start :) Shadow obviously loves and trusts her!
Thanks for saying hi and letting me know :)
Tessa Ann